Arts & Crafts

DIY Copper Concrete Tea Light

February 4, 2016

The coppery glow of flickering candlelight warming the coldest winter nights inspired us to design this quick & simple craft project. We love the industrial look of concrete & metals – & thought how cool they would look made into a tiny tea light holder, juxtaposing the raw matte look of cement with the shiny soft warmth of metal. Continue Reading…


Sea Salt & Brown Butter Madeleines

January 19, 2016

So here in the midst of winter & with temperatures plummeting, we are in serious need of some sweet buttery hugs & armchair travel. This time to Brittany by way of sea salt & brown butter, then onto Lorraine where a small perfectly shaped genoise cake was first conceived, & named madeleine.  Continue Reading…


Amsterdam Revisited

January 13, 2016

Happy New Year! We hope you had a magical time with your family & friends over the festive season, & wish you the very best for 2016.

When the opportunity to return to the watery canals & beautiful stick thin buildings of Amsterdam arose just before Christmas, we just jumped at the chance. With our old friends Lyndsey & Sarah as travelling companions, we set sail on the overnight Stenaline ferry from Harwich to the flatlands of the Netherlands. Sifting through Airbnb, we came across & booked a cool characterful old coach house, perfectly located within the Canal Ring & within easy distance of the galleries, shops & eateries that we had earmarked for a visit. Continue Reading…


Gingerbread Dogs

November 26, 2015

We have just arrived back from Amsterdam, full of inspiration & ready to embrace the coming season. The Dutch really are a sensory bunch, welcoming each season differently but always filling their homes & cafes with fresh cut flowers, candle light & pleasing aromas of freshly baked goods, & at Christmas the spiced speculaas cookie. Here is a simple gingerbread recipe so you too can fill your own house with the scent of sugar & spices, & welcome in winter. Continue Reading…


9 Cookbooks We Love

October 29, 2015

Cookbooks are a bit like shoes. You never seem to have enough. Some cookbooks last a lifetime, being passed down through generations complete with historical food splats & hand scribbled notes in the margins, whilst others are bang on trend, of the moment, here today gone tomorrow sort of books. It’s almost impossible to cherry-pick from our vast cookbook collection, but with some painstaking edits, we have put together a list of 9 of our favourites. Continue Reading…